Zeppelin III, BBQ Sampler & Bucket of Suds

Georgia BBQ
192 Orchard St.

Today on our menu were Hush Puppies, a bucket of American Craft Beers, the BBQ sampler, which is a half rack of ribs, a delicious andoille sausage and a couple spot on wings, with a side of Brussels Sprouts – YUM!

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  1. Shije.com
    Shije.com says:

    Georgia tastes like Texas BBQ. The BRISKET completes the combo he mentioned. I’m sure I love the brisket here. Note, while it’s way too hot to cook in your apt, DO over-order here so you have plenty of leftovers. That big aforementioned combo is dinner for 2 (if you order a veggie side) for only $17. So go hog wild, high on the hog. Also, I love Johnny Cash and I loved all the music here, plus the volume was respectful of conversation so I recommend the place for a date if you know your date well enough to enjoy messy barbecue together.


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