Kenmare‘s Compostin’ Downtown

We have been keeping our food scraps in a container in the freezer and dropping them off for composting once or twice a week at the Union Square Greenmarket near the NorthEast corner of Union Square Park.

May 23, 2015 [Map of LES Ecology Center Compost Dropoff Spots]

Drop Off FAQ

 From the LES Ecology Website

Where/when can I drop off compost?

Union Square Greenmarket. If you cannot find us, please ask the Greenmarket Manager or one of the other farm stands where the compost stand is and they will point you in the right direction. We are there year round, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.
Lower East Side Ecology Center Community Garden, north side of East 7th Street between Avenues B and C. The drop-off is open year round, every Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm; all other times please tie your bag and slide it through the wrought iron fence by gate where a collection bin is located.

What CAN I compost?

fruit and vegetable peelings
non greasy food scraps or leftovers
rice, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.
coffee grounds with filter, tea bags
hair and nails (animal or human)
egg and nut shells
cut or dried flowers, houseplants, potting soil

What CAN’T I compost?

oily foods
dog or cat feces, kitty litter
coal or charcoal
diseased and/or insect infested houseplants or soil

How do I bring my food scraps?

Please bring your acceptable food scraps in a plastic bag, milk or juice carton or other reusable container.
To make this program sustainable on our end, please empty your bag or container into our large gray compost bins at the market. You can also bring your material in a Bio Bag, which is a compostable bag, which can be dropped right into the bin. Bio Bags can be purchased at the compost stand or at Whole Foods Market and online.

At the Ecology Center Garden, please empty your bags or containers into our large gray compost bins when the garden is open.

When the gate is closed, please slide bags through the wrought iron fence by the gate into the gray bin. Please do not leave any bags in front of the gate.

How do I store my food scraps at home?

We suggest keeping your scraps in the freezer or refrigerator, until you drop off to avoid smells in your home or at the drop off – at the market we are next to farmers selling fresh produce and many New Yorkers who come to the market to enjoy the experience.

Can businesses drop off food waste?

Sorry, but we only offer the drop off program for individual households, not businesses. If you want to get your compost picked up for processing you will need to contract with a compost hauler.

Are there any other drop off locations in NYC?

Created by Green Map System and Lower East Side Ecology Center, a Manhattan Compost Map is available at the Union Square Compost Stand, or you can view the pdf version.