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KNMRSPPPN Disconnects: Q & A with The Artists

So it begins… I’d just read my sax guy Chuckie Saeton Hancock’s tarot cards at The Red Lion. Now walking me home, he breaks into his newest song, “Forged By Fire”. It’s tough-sounding, “Baby, baby I’m down to the wire, but I was made for this, cause I was forged by fire.” He interrupts his own […]

Alexis Karl Talks Fragrance Design

[ I met Alexis Karl at a gallery where she was performing fragrance design and came to find this was but one facet of her talent.] – Shije Shije:  Alexis! I love your Gothic music Ondyne’s Demise. How did you get started in the world of fragrance creation? AK:  Well, it started out with me being […]